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At WelcomeBuddy, we value authenticity, and that is what drove us towards local experiences with sustainable partnerships.

We want to offer you the opportunity to have a real taste of what Azores and the Azorean Community have to share, as it was the main influence for us to start this project.

A toast to you who will accompany us on a journey that, through our experiences, will immerse your senses into local authenticity!


The hospitality world is changing...
Travellers are looking for authentic experiences in the comfort of a private space, away from crowds, and renting a whole place just for themselves seems to be a more suitable option than the typical hotel experience.
Airbnb and Vacation Houses Rentals is a market that is growing on a yearly basis, and hosts are emerging everywhere around the globe. 

Make no mistake
Hosting is not just "Hello, here is your key, the room is upstairs, if you need anything let me know!".
Nowadays, guests expect hotel quality amenities, extraordinary personalised services and on-call availability when booking a vacation rental - something that can be hard to keep up with when hosting multiple guests every week.


And that's where we come in...​
Talking about our main partner first, GuestReady is an international company founded in 2016 that provides Premium Airbnb Management and delivers outstanding services to both hosts and guests in Portugal, UK, France, Switzerland, Dubai and Malaysia.

WelcomeBuddy got onboard to extend the premium hosting services to a hidden gem in the Atlantic, full of soul and nature: the beautiful Island of São Miguel, in Azores (Portugal).

Our experienced team in Hospitality and Housing Management is here to help you maximizing the value of your space and providing your guests an unique experience. 




Local Tours

East, West or even Hidden Gems.
Visit the island in comfort, with an expert guide!

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Go into the wild and explore the island through adrenaline and adventure.

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Image by Humphrey Muleba

Hiking tours

Explore the island's most fascinating trails in the midst of nature.

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Image by Vico Luna

4 X 4

Enjoy buggy or quad adventures in majestic locations 

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our values

Image by Mayte Garcia Llorente

Whales & Dolphins

The Azores is well known worldwide for being a sanctuary for cetaceans, with four resident species that can be seen all year round, and another twenty-four that can be seen during Spring.

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Lots of adventure with cliff jumping, swimming in the Atlantic, snorkelling, climbing and all this in one activity!

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Image by Surfing Croyde Bay


Enjoy surfing the waves of the Azores which, according to, "reminds us of Hawaii"
"Its nine volcanic islands feature pristine beach breaks, world-class reef breaks, and dreamy, long point breaks."

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Image by Kiril Dobrev


The most amazing volcanic underwater dives!
Dive guides with a Marine Biologist degree will show you the best to see underwater from the big to the very small.
Suitable for all levels of divers.

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Supporting Local Producers


Chef & relax

You can choose from either a private chef experience, or a relaxing massage in the comfort of your home.




​All in one !

Get your body aligned and relaxed while your private chef prepares a fabulous menu.

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In a Pic Nic, in a Box or in a Cooking Class.

 Enjoy a typical azorean meal amongst nature and the view at your choice.

Prepared with traditional Azorean recipes,  using  love and care as main ingredients, these tasty menus are from regional produce from different islands.

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wine & spirits

Did you know that the largest gin collection in Europe is here in São Miguel? And also, did you know that the best Portuguese white wine is Azorean?

Find out more about the Azorean gin collection and the Azorean wines, paired with local cheeses from happy cows, and what makes them unique.

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