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Image by Filipe Lourenço Marques

Our vision

We are intuitive thinkers who anticipate guests' needs and the next steps for the industry's growth.

Our vision is to redefine the hospitality experience and use the power of technology to deliver outstanding experiences, services, comfort and authenticity.

Who we are

The hospitality world is changing...
Travellers are looking for authentic experiences in the comfort of a private space, away from crowds, and renting a whole place just for themselves seems to be a more suitable option than the typical hotel experience.
Airbnb and Vacation Houses Rentals is a market that is growing on a yearly basis, and hosts are emerging everywhere around the globe. 

Make no mistake
Hosting is not just "Hello, here is your key, the room is upstairs, if you need anything let me know!".
Nowadays, guests expect hotel quality amenities, extraordinary personalised services and on-call availability when booking a vacation rental - something that can be hard to keep up with when hosting multiple guests every week.

And that's where we come in...​
Talking about our main partner first, GuestReady is an international company founded in 2016 that provides Premium Airbnb Management and delivers outstanding services to both hosts and guests in Portugal, UK, France, Switzerland, Dubai and Malaysia.

WelcomeBuddy got onboard to extend the premium hosting services to a hidden gem in the Atlantic, full of soul and nature: the beautiful Island of São Miguel, in Azores (Portugal).

Our experienced team in Hospitality and Housing Management is here to help you maximizing the value of your space and providing your guests an unique experience. 

WelcomeBuddy - Who we are
Our Values

our values


Your safety and guests’ safety are our number one priority.

Supporting the Community

1€ of each reservation will convert into helping a local humanitarian association.

Our Eco-Friendly amenities are produced in a farm of a lovely Azorean lady who believes "happiness in life comes from the simpliest things"!


We are holding hands with the Environment. We make sure that our operation has a low impact and we inspire our community to do so as well.

Supporting Local Producers

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