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Property and Airbnb Management Company

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Soulful Hosting

We believe that time is everyone's greatest blessing, and we want to value yours and your guests’ to the fullest.


Represents our passion for the 'Art of  Warm Welcoming’ through our tailored property management services.

Escape the ordinary in our pure nature destination: 

       São Miguel Island, in the Azores (Portugal)

Why let WelcomeBuddy manage MY property?

Why WelcomeBuddy

We will present online the unique characteristics of your home, with a catchy title and description, and let it shine with professional photographs.

Our team liaises with all guests and makes sure everything is organised before their arrival.

Our detail-focused Cosy Team will ensure that your home is ready for your guests. We arrange a Premium Cleaning with Eco-friendly products and prepare personalized welcoming amenities.

We handle the arrivals and departures of our guests through personalised Check-Ins/Outs.

Warm Welcome and Farewell

We keep it

We manage the booking

Your home will be seen

Host dashboard


Keep up-to-date anytime, anywhere, with our host dashboard
provided by our main partner GuestReady

Host Dashboard
WelcomeBuddy - Host dashboard


Get the big picture of how your properties are doing. Revenues, ratings, analytics, and more all visible at once.

Our destinations

Our Destinations
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